who we are

new/era/mabs is a team of four fantastic people with an excellent background in antibody generation and characterization. We are passionate about antibody development and highly motivated to support your ideas.

our technologies

Our company strives to build up an universal comprehensive approach to generate antibody molecules without the existing frontiers as e.g. tremendous developmental time or the high risk of non-functionality in the final technical approach. Our vision is to exceed those existing limits by using smart immunization and selection strategies. We provide customized, flexible and independent all-round solutions in monoclonal antibody development. We do not need the physical antigen – provide us with the sequence!

viral particle based immunization

Viruses are the most efficient danger signals to the mammalian immune system. We used this fact for our immunization strategy and designed a chimeric viral particle system derived from the hamster polyomavirus. The chimeric viral core protein is recombinantly expressed and purified via IMAC (immobilized metal affinity chromatography). When we have identified a potent antigenic epitope we take the sequence and insert it into our viral particle. The insertion site is directed to the particle surface and leads to a surface-related presentation of the target epitope. After a hyper immunization schedule of 4 times in 4 weeks we are able to induce a highly potent and antigen specific immune response to the native target.

selection of antibody producing hybridoma cells

Selection of antibody producing hybridoma cells is normally performed by limited dilution and excessive ELISA screening in order to find suitable antibody-producing cells. These processes are very laborious and a final validation of your antibody could only happen after purification. What would be if you could sort your cell of interest two weeks after fusion? And if you could combine screeening and validation in one step? Our smart selection system is patented and based on transgenic fusion cell lines expressing an artificial cell surface marker for positive selection of the desired antibody-producing cells - directly after cell fusion. Moreover, the system allows a flexible screening for wanted isotypes and wanted or non-wanted cross-reactivities. In combination with our viral immunization system the process of reliable antibody generation and validation is hence finished within 2 months.

generation of recombinant camelid antibodies

Camelid antibodies are characterized by a very high stability and due to the lack of the light chains a smaller size compared to conventional antibody molecules. The advantages of camelid antibodies were described manifold in literature. We are able to generate recombinant camelid nanobodies via Phage Display for your desired application. Further we could draft the variable binding part (nanobody) to the constant part of the camelid immunoglobulin in order to produce camelid heavy-chain only full length antibody molecules.

production of recombinant cell lines

We generate transgenic cell lines expressing your protein of interest. We use a transposon related expression vector by which the gene of interest is stably inserted into the genome of the host cell. After selection we could provide you with cells expressing the protein of interest to 100%.

our current portfolio

customized antibody generation

We are designing, generating and validating your antibody of interest by the use of our smart immunization and selection technologies. We are providing the purified antibody and the corresponding hybridoma cell line to the customer. We can further modify the antibodies with desired enzymes or dyes. If a mass production of the antibody according to ISO 9001 is needed, we can recommend a competent partner company.

generation of recombinant camelid antibodies

If an alternative antibody format is needed, we provide the generation of recombinant camelid antibodies via phage display and the production of camelid full-length heavy-chain only antibodies. We deliver purified antibodies as well as the corresponding cell line. For mass production according to ISO 9001 we recommend our competent partner company.


This antibody is a murine monoclonal antibody specific for progesterone. In a competitive ELISA the antibody can detect progesterone with a sensitivity of 2 ng/mL. The antibody is available as 250 µL aliquot as unlabeled, Biotin- or HRP-labeled conjugate.

NEM 17.11

This antibody is a murine monoclonal antibody specific for camelid IgG2/3. It detects camelid heavy chain only immunoglobulins and shows no cross-reactivities to Ig of other species. The antibody is offered as 150 µL aliquot as unlabeled, Biotin- or HRP-conjugate.

NEM 17.12

This antibody is a murine monoclonal antibody specific for whole camelid Ig. It is served as 500 µL aliquots as unlabeled, Biotin- or HRP-labeled version. The antibody is not cross-reactive to other species.

NEM 27.7

This antibody is a murine monoclonal antibody specific for camelid IgG1. It shows no cross-reactivities to Ig of other species. The antibody is available in 250 µL aliquots as unlabeled, Biotin- or HRP-conjugated version.

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