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antibody technologies that change the game!

Antibodies are wonderful and reliable tools but the generation so far is tedious and resource intensive. Selecting suitable antibodies is highly complex. When using selma as selection tool you can absolutely rely on having a fast, efficient and highly flexible approach to select your desired antibody producing cell.

Are you ready to enter a new era of antibody generation?

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selma + murine monoclonal antibodies

The induction of specific antibody responses in mice is performed by immunizing the antigen of choice. To increase the efficacy of this process we developed a hyper-immunization protocol based on viral carrier proteins. In combination with selma as selection tool we provide a high end solution for the discovery of antibody producing hybridoma cells 4times faster than with conventional methods.

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selma + human monoclonal antibodies

We can provide a simple and reliable workflow for human monoclonal antibodies too. Human B cells are specifically activated by our in house developed in vitro immunization (IVI) approach. For the antigen specific immunisation we use our viral based carriers or customized antigens. How do we select the desired cells? selma is our universal secret.

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selma + camelid recombinant antibodies

Camelid antibodies were spotlighted in the past due to their exclusive properties such as a high temperature stability which would allow workflows without needing a cool chain. This is a very interesting feature for in vitro diagnostic applications. We can provide the complete workflow for the generation of either variable heavy chain antibody fragments (15 kDa) or full length heavy chain only antibodies (90 kDa) for the establishment of a specific test environment. For identification we use our in house naive camelid library or we create customized immune libraries. Also in this case the selection of antibody producing mammalian cells is realised with selma.

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selma published in nature

A novel selection strategy for antibody producing hybridoma cells based on a new transgenic fusion cell line.

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selma published in Science

In this Science webinar, Katja Hanack demonstrates that selma greatly simplifies and accelerates flow cytometric antibody characterization.

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what our friends and partners are saying

  • The cooperation with Katja and her team is incredible and helps us to develop our products much faster and with higher efficacy. We are very convinced of the quality of their work and the reliability and passion to solve any custom-related issues.

    Prof. Dr. Dirk Roggenbuck
    CEO of Medipan and Generic Assays
  • Katja and I collaborate in a SARS-CoV2 project where new/era/mabs provides specific camelid antibodies for our test device. I´m very proud to have her on board. Using the antibody specific support from her team will essentially foster the successful implementation of our device.

    Prof. Venkatesan Renugopalakrishnan
    Harvard Medical School and Northeastern University
  • Creating innovative antibodies with new/era/mabs was a snap. Within a few short weeks, we received high affinity purified potent antibodies, allowing our research on auto-immune encephalitis to move forward quickly. Highly recommended!

    Prof. Craig Garner
    German Centre for Neurodegenerative Diseases and founder of SPARK Berlin
  • I'm very impressed by the technology, Katja and her team developed to select antibody producing cells. I strongly advocate her services.

    Prof. J Paul Banga
    King´s College London