Infinite Solutions in Antibody Innovation.

Next-gen antibody discovery: The scalable, lightning-fast new/era/mabs platform for innovative diagnostics and therapeutics across murine, human, and camelid sources.

Why Partner with Us: Key Benefits

new/era/mabs offers comprehensive support from target analysis to antibody manufacturing, catering to diverse needs in research, diagnostics, and therapy. Our unique immortal cell pools provide infinite screening options for immediate antibody solutions.

  • Ready to go antibody discovery platform.
  • 4 times faster than conventional methods.
  • Accelerated screening and manufacturing of antibody lead candidates.
  • Antigen-specific cell pools on demand - reusable and infinite screening options.
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Antibody discovery with selma

Preparing for Future Pandemics: Our Role in Disease X

new/era/mabs is enhancing the global response to pandemics by using its existing scalable platform for the rapid discovery of specific antibodies. Our technology enables the creation of immortal cell pools that target specific antigens. These pools can be screened infinitely to identify precise antibodies for use in research, diagnostics, and treatment. This capability is a crucial asset to enhance preparedness for future pandemic threats.

  • Next pandemic threats: The World Health Organisation (WHO) has identified six viral families which will likely cause the next pandemic.
  • Establish cell pools: Create virus-specific antibody-producing cell pools for repeated screening and ad hoc identification of precise antibodies.
  • Stock antibodies: Prepare antibodies in stock for immediate delivery.
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Our Service

Tailored Antibody Solutions: From Start to Finish

We handle every step of the process, from target analysis to purification, ensuring personalized and efficient support for your research.

Customized Antibody Sets

From mouse to camelid and human antibodies, we provide tailored sets specific to your target, ensuring comprehensive coverage and efficacy.

Antigen-specific immortal cell pools

Use the opportunity to create antigen-specific and immature cell pools for infinite screening options with selma.

Versatile Modifications

Need enzyme/tag modifications or engineered formats? We've got you covered. Whether it's exchanging Fc regions, creating bispecific antibodies, or developing chimeric formats, we excel in customizing antibodies to meet your exact specifications.

Specialized Assay Development

Our team specializes in developing customized antibody-based assay formats and flow cytometry workflows, empowering you with precise and reliable tools for your research endeavors.

Empowering Your Success

new/era/mabs offers a variety of catalogue antibodies and antigen-specific immortal cell pools. Customized screening options for mouse, human and camelid antibodies are available upon request. We provide comprehensive antibody and recombinant protein manufacturing capabilities, including small and large-scale options, as well as the generation of overexpressing cell lines.

  • Tailored antibody sets from mouse, camelid and human origin to enable the development of personalized diagnostics and therapy.
  • Camelid SARS-CoV-2 antibodies.
  • Chimeric SARS-CoV-2 antibodies (camelid/mouse, camelid/human, camelid diabodies).
  • Neuraminidase/Hemagglutin specific hybridoma cell pools.
  • Malaria-specific hybridoma cell pools.
  • Camelid antibodies specific for neurodegenerative disease targets (a-Synuclein, Tau, NF-L, GFAP).
  • Mouse-anti-camelid IgG secondary antibodies.
  • Camelid-anti-human IgG secondary antibodies.
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