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We transform research into life-saving therapies through innovative antibody solutions

At new/era/mabs, we leverage advanced deep-tech selection platform to deliver high-throughput antibody services that accelerate your research and development endeavors. Our proprietary platform offers an unparalleled advantage with iterative and infinite screening of antibody-secreting cells. With flexible options for checking cross-reactivities, affinities, and different isotypes, we ensure precision and accuracy at every step of the process. In combination with our specific VHH antibody generating workflow we can create unique tools to support every project.

Our mission

Our mission

Our mission is to simplify and accelerate antibody discovery workflows through sophisticated platform solutions. By providing these tools and support, we enable scientists to develop impactful applications and treatments for personalized health care.

Our history

Founded as a university spin-off in 2014, new/era/mabs translates basic research into technologies for novel diagnostic tests and therapeutic treatments. Starting in 2008 as an academic group, the team developed applications to streamline immunization and the selection of antibody-secreting cells. In 2014, these applications were merged into an all-round platform, leading to the patent for selma, a flexible selection approach based on transgenic fusion cell lines. Since then, the platform has been further developed to allow iterative, infinite screenings of fusion pools against any target, considering cross-reactivity, desired affinities, and different antibody isotypes. This innovative antibody selection platform is offered as a customized solution for all.

Our people make us great

Meet the Experts Behind Our Innovative Solutions

Katja Hanack

Katja Hanack, PhD

CEO / Founder

Björn Lindemann

Björn Lindemann, PhD

Business Development

Anja Schlör

Anja Schlör, MSc

Antibody R&D

Anja Hönow

Anja Hönow, MSc

Antibody R&D

Burkhard Micheel

Burkhard Micheel, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Dirk Roggenbuck

Dirk Roggenbuck, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Claus Simandi

Claus Simandi

Patent Attorney