Tailored Antibody Solutions: From Start to Finish.

Expert support in antibody discovery, antigen-specific immortal cell pools, efficient screening, and versatile modifications to drive your research success.

Customized Antibody Sets

There are many paths to success. Therefore, it is crucial to have a large portfolio of available tools to explore these paths. For patient-focused therapies, this means having a large pool of potential antibodies from different origins right from the start to drive development optimally.

  • Camelid VHH or full-length heavy-chain only antibodies
  • Mouse monoclonal antibodies
  • Human monoclonal antibodies

new/era/mabs provides small-scale sets of target-specific antibodies selected with selma to rapidly support your projects.

Customized Antibody Sets

Antigen-specific immortal cell pools

The ability to access target-specific cell pools and infinitely screen them using selma is another innovative feature that supports developments in patient-focused therapies. The iterative screening options allow immortal cell pools to target any desired antigen, enabling the identification of suitable new binders much faster and more effectively.

  • Accelerated screening of antigen-specific cell pools
  • Reusable and infinite screening options
  • Fast selection of novel binders

In particular, for targets with a high mutation rate, such as viruses, these pools represent a valuable resource for pandemic preparedness.

End-to-End Support

new/era/mabs offers comprehensive solutions for all antibody-related inquiries, leveraging extensive and specialized expertise to achieve the targeted project goals.

  • In-house recombinant protein expression systems to create specific target variations
  • AI based in silico modeling to identify suitable epitopes and incorporation of them in viral immunocarriers for a targeted immunization approach
  • Leveraging different selma setups for different antibody isotypes, cross-reactivities and affinities

The team comprises experienced scientists who understand the biology behind each project and develop corresponding strategies to reach the desired outcomes.

End-to-End Support

Versatile Modifications

Downstream modifications of antibodies to enable customized antibody formats is a mandatory requirement for targeted therapies. new/era/mabs provides capabilities to modify selected antibodies with desired tags, fluorescence and enzyme labelings, and different antibody formats.

  • Expression of antibodies with site-directed biotinylation
  • Chimeric antibodies with different combinations of Fc parts
  • Diabodies or Bispecifics

Specialized Assay Development

Depending on the final application, it is frequently necessary to develop specific assays or flow cytometry workflows to characterize and evaluate the binding properties of the obtained antibodies.

  • Indirect, direct, and competitive immunoassays
  • Bead-based purifications or pull-down assays
  • Flow cytometric multi-staining panels and immunofluorescence setups

new/era/mabs establishes customized assay formats, flow cytometry workflows, and immunostainings to support the successful outcome of your projects.