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Revolutionize Antibody Selection - meet selma

Universally applicable, selma streamlines high-throughput screening by capturing antibodies in their natural form, allowing for early characterization and direct production without recloning. Flexible and efficient, it enables selection from 1 million antibody-producing cells per screening.

  • Mammalian cell display system to capture secreted antibodies
  • Flexible and infinite screening options for isotypes, cross-reactivities, affinities, and antigenic variants
  • High-throughput sorting and single cell plating
selma principle
Camelid antibodies

Benefits of Camelid antibodies

Camelid nanobodies are only one-tenth the size of a conventional antibody (12-15 kDa versus 150 kDa), making them the smallest antigen-binding moiety found in nature. Based on their single antigen binding site, they can adopt a specific finger-like structure to recognize and bind hidden or buried target epitopes.

  • Superior binding affinities
  • Ease of humanization
  • Low immunogenicity
  • Deep tissue penetration
  • Excellent solubility and high stability
  • Easy and cheap manufacturing

These properties can be translated into novel forms of antibody-based diagnostic products and drug therapies.

Epitope-specific immunization with viral carriers

We base our immunization strategy onto the most efficient danger signals to the mammalian immune system: viruses. By combining efficient surface-related epitopes with a viral particle system originated from the hamster polyomavirus, we are able to perform a hyper-immunization schedule, extraordinarily faster than conventional immunization strategies. We guarantee a surface-related presentation of the target epitope within the viral backbone.

  • AI-based target and epitope profiling
  • Surface-related epitope design
  • Generation of unique viral-based immunoconjugates

This flexibility provides the advantage of inducing a highly potent and antigen specific immune response to the native target.

Immunization Immunization
Human antibodies

Human antibody development

Human antibodies are essential drugs for manifold diseases and well accepted therapeutic formats. With our in-house developed in vitro immunization process we are able to activate human naïve B lymphocytes antigen-specifically within 12 days and fuse them afterwards to obtain immortal hybridoma cell pools. Target-specific screening of candidates is performed with selma.

  • In vitro immunization with human B cells to create antigen-specific human cell pools
  • Induction of different human IgG isotypes
  • Selma selection and screening for high-performance binders

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